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How Orthopaedic Associates's Team Practices Living in Motion

February 29, 2024

Not only is the team at Orthopaedic Associates committed and passionate about being A Better Move for Motion for the community, we also strive to practice what we preach by living in motion and leading active, healthy lifestyles ourselves. 

Here are how some of the members of our team stay active in their everyday lives. 

Erica, a physical therapist at Orthopaedic Associates, enjoys cross country skiing, running, and mountain biking to stay active. Now that she has a daughter, she is sharing her passion with the next generation!

Sam from our Registration Department and her daughter Karmyn stay active by practicing yoga a few times a week together. Having a family member or friend dedicated to staying moving with you is the perfect way to stay accountable and motivated to live in motion.

Physician assistant Tiffany stays active by getting outdoors. She section hiked the entire Superior Hiking Trail and over the last two years has visited and hiked every state park in Minnesota. She also enjoys CrossFit and lifting heavy weights, yoga, and stand up paddle boarding!

Amy in our Accounts Receivable Department lives in motion though horse therapy and rides though the Northland’s wilderness with Royal. Getting fresh air while being active is a productive way to boost your physical and mental health!

Occupational therapist Amber enjoys staying active with her family, whether that involves swimming, kayaking, golfing, biking, or anything else that keeps them outdoors and moving. Her tip: Find what you enjoy and continue doing it so you can stay healthy!

Now that you have seen some of the ways our team stays in motion, we hope that whether you workout every day or are looking to start an active routine, we’ve given you some new ideas and inspiration to add more movement into your own life!