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A Better Move for Motion

February 22, 2024

Over the course of the past couple years, you may have seen and heard our team talking about being A Better Move for Motion. What does that exactly mean to us and what can it mean for you? Continue reading to learn more about how we value your movement and the steps we take every day to keep you moving towards your goals. 

Here for Your Care

While we pride ourselves in our sports medical care, it isn't always about the extreme athlete. (However, we will talk more about this later.) 

Every movement in your life is important, from picking up your kids, to weeding the garden, to walking your dog. And whether you experience pain from an unbalanced step off the curb or the natural wear and tear on our bodies over time - we all deserve to receive exceptional care that gets us back to doing the day-to-day things we love. 

That care starts right away at Orthopaedic Associates of Duluth, with an expert team that is experienced in developing unique treatment plans for your care, from the very start. When you reach out to us, we understand a timely response back is crucial in your journey to recover faster. Communication is top priority, making sure you hear back from a member of our team with a scheduled appointment within 24 hours - with no surgeon referral needed!

And if needed, that surgeon care starts from your very first appointment. From there we work towards the best plan of action, whether that be surgery or therapy. 

Through our comprehensive care model, our team of board-certified surgeons, professionally trained physician assistants, physical and occupational therapists, nurses, athletic trainers and staff work together to ensure you receive the highest level of care - no matter how big or small your injury may be, because we know any pain is too much for you to live with every day. 

Sports Medicine

When injuries on the field, court, rink, etc do happen, consider our team, your team. 

We treat injuries ranging from sprains to tears to dislocations, and follow up with therapy and rehabilitation to get you back in the game. With the same attentive and genuine care discussed above, we work together to achieve your goals in a healthy, body strengthening way. 

For more information regarding sports injuries and our sports medicine services, check out some of our past blogs including, Getting you Back in the Game after ACL Surgery, Preparing for a Successful Race Season, and Expert Tips on Avoiding Winter Sports Related Injury

Preventative Services

It goes without saying that it’s best to simply not get injured at all. We know it isn’t that simple, but our team provides programs to help! 

Our therapy teams offer:

Functional Capacity Assessments - a 2-day standardized test to evaluate a patient’s ability to perform work abilities.

Bike Fit Evaluations - offers the expertise of a physical therapist and professional bike fitter to keep you and your bike in motion all season long. This evaluation includes a thorough examination of your flexibility, strength, and alignment both on and off the bike. 

Events - we also offer special events on various subjects throughout the year to keep you informed about best practices when it comes to movement and your body. We announce these events on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OADuluth

These elements make Orthopaedic Associates your better move for motion. Whether you are searching for a facility and provider for yourself or for a family member, we know the health and safety of those you love and care about most is always at the heart of decision making. That is why we focus on the values that we do. Because you and your family deserve it in order to continue doing what you love, every day.