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Orthopaedic Associates Bike Fit Evaluation Program

October 5, 2022

It’s the best time of year for bikers. However, in order to get the maximum benefits from your warm-weather rides, you need to ensure a proper fit with your bike. Not only will a proper bike fit provide better comfort and offer you more endurance, it will also mitigate repetitive stress injuries as well as the risk of neck, wrist, back and knee pain. 

That’s why all of us at Orthopaedic Associates are excited to offer a new, exciting program designed to help bikers reap the benefits of a proper bike fit.

Bike Fit Evaluation Program

Orthopaedic Associates' new program provides the expertise of a physical therapist and trained professional bike fitter to keep you and your bike in motion all summer.  

Ann Farley—PT, DPT, CSCS, and Serotta Certified Level II Professional bike fitter—will complete a thorough examination of your flexibility, strength, and alignment both on and off of your bike. That includes an evidenced-based examination of cleat positioning and shoe size, joint angles, and mechanical positioning of the saddle, handlebars, and rider. 

This examination and evaluation will provide each biker with a custom bike fit designed to help them meet their cycling goals.

Who Should Get a Bike Fit?

This program offers benefits to bikers of all ages and fitness levels, and works with all models of bicycles.

Whether you are a recreational rider, triathlete, or serious competitive rider, your bike must fit you to achieve optimal comfort, performance, and to promote long term practice of the sport you love. So the short answer is: everyone should get a bike fit.

How Does It Work?

We offer three separate tiers in our Bike Fit Evaluation Program. All evaluations are completed out of our Hermantown location. Bikers should bring their bike, bike shorts, socks and their cycling shoes with them.


Tier 1 — Biker Evaluation

  • Off-bike physical therapy evaluation
  • Initial cleat evaluation to determine appropriate cleat size, and asses calcaneal positioning
  • On-bike evaluation of cycling mechanics utilizing slow-motion video capture
  • Home program recommendations based on evaluation, including recommendations to improve cycling biomechanics
  • Recommendation to a Tier 2 evaluation if appropriate or necessary.  

Tier 1 is billed through insurance, depending on your carrier and plan.

Tier 2 — Mechanical Bike Fit Evaluation and Adjustment 

  • Saddle fore and aft adjustments
  • Saddle height adjustments
  • Saddle width assessment
  • Frame stack and reach measurements
  • Saddle x-y measurements  
  • Pelvic positioning 
  • Pedal stroke path assessment
  • Stem length, angle, height and handlebar width and angle modification and assessment
  • Cycling shoe shimming and wedging for improved positioning, power, and peddle path 
  • Orthotic Recommendations
  • Before and after video analysis of riding position 
  • Parts referral if appropriate or necessary

Tier 2 is cash pay -- 1.5 hours for $150

Tier 3 — Optional Follow-up

  • Final fit adjustments following two weeks of riding.

Tier 3 is cash pay -- 45 minutes for $75

**Please ensure that your bike is clean, and in mechanically working order prior to your fit.

Call 218-336-7676 to schedule your bike fit evaluation today!