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Supporting our Neighbors through the Chester Bowl Improvement Club

February 8, 2022

Here at Orthopaedic Associates of Duluth we are committed to helping the members within our communities live in motion, not only after an injury but within their daily, healthy lives as well. 

We are proud to offer various classes that teach how to be active in ways that will not hurt your body, take part in community events to get to know our neighbors, and by being able to provide support to causes we stand behind. 

One of these causes we are passionate about and want to share with you is Growing up Chester. 

Growing up Chester is a nonprofit organization that works to promote sustainable, quality programs for all users of Duluth’s Chester Bowl Park, in a healthy, positive and safe environment. Chester Bowl keeps our communities active by providing winter ski and snowboard programs, as well as summer day camps at affordable rates. Believing that anyone interested in skiing or snowboarding should be able to regardless of income, Chester Bowl awards scholarships, free lessons, and inexpensive concessions year after year.

This year, we were thrilled to contribute a $30,000 donation during Chester Bowl’s 2022 inaugural race held on Sunday, February 6. During this event, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth, 93 skiers and snowboarders aged 3 to 16 took to the slopes. This year was especially inspirational for young athletes with the start of the Winter Olympics - many envisioning themselves getting to the medal podium in future years. 

We were so pleased to be able to help and to have presented this gift during such a meaningful event, with the hope of continuation of development and expansion of programs and infrastructure - impacting families within our community for years to come. 

Currently, the Chester Bowl Improvement Club is working towards expanding and updating the chalet, making it more ADA accessible and user friendly, as well as upgrading the HVAC facilities in order to make it a better year-round facility.

Many of our own doctors and staff have grown up or raised families in the Duluth area, and more specifically have spent time at Chester Bowl. We understand the huge role the park plays on the lives of those who live here. It is a great space for the community to move outdoors - making memories, learning new things, and staying active and healthy in ways they enjoy.