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Surgery Centers

In order to provide our patients with the best possible care, we perform our surgical procedures at two ambulatory surgery centers in Duluth, Minnesota as well as St. Luke's Hospital in Duluth, MN.

Lakewalk Surgery Center

Lakewalk Surgery Center is an independent outpatient facility located at 1420 London Road, Suite 100 in Duluth, MN. Designed for quality, comfort, and efficiency, Lakewalk is a lower-cost alternative for outpatient surgery. They pride themselves in putting patients first, and providing comforting amenities including private patient rooms with a lake view, convenient scheduling, minimal waiting, free parking and easy access to the building.

With a comfortable and private facility, advanced surgical suites and a dedicated medical staff, your procedure can be faster, less invasive, and more comfortable at Lakewalk. They also have a high staff-to-patient ratio, so their team of nurses provides patients with extremely skilled and attentive care.

Duluth Surgical Suites

Duluth Surgical Suites is an outpatient surgical facility located in Duluth, Minnesota. Duluth Surgical Suites was designed with the goal of providing the best experience for patients and their loved ones. The facility has two extra-large operating rooms that are equipped with the latest in advanced surgical technology.

Duluth Surgical Suites spans over 6,000 square feet. It is designed to give patients, friends and family a relaxing experience before, during and after the procedure. The facility also provides a high ratio of medical staff to patients in order to provide the highest quality experience and attentive care.


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