healthy happy foot care services

Healthy Happy Foot Care Services

Here to help you put your best foot forward, we offer foot care services to patients once a week at our Hibbing, Minnesota Office. All of our Healthy Happy Foot Care services are performed by a highly trained registered nurse.

Callus Debridement

Calluses, also known as hyperkeratotic lesions, affect most of us. Often times as they enlarge they can lead to uncomfortable pressure points or even ulcerations in diabetic patients.

Callus debridement is the cutting or sanding away of the extra tissue from the top of the skin in order to eliminate the pressure that a callus causes. In order to avoid exposure of the patient's most sensitive skin, a small portion of the callus is always left.

After a debridement the callus is permanently removed.

What is the difference between a callus and a corn?

Calluses are typically larger, can be an inch or more in diameter, and vary in shape, while corns tend to be smaller (usually about a quarter-inch to a half-inch in diameter), round, and well defined. Calluses normally develop on the soles of the feet under the heel or balls, on the palms of the hands, or on the knees.  In contrast, corns often occur in non-weight-bearing parts of the skin – typically on the tops and sides of toes. Calluses are rarely painful, while corns can be painful when pressed.

Nail Trimming

Nail grooming is a simple yet important self-care routine. Short nails are less likely to harbor dirt and bacteria, which can lead to an infection. The correct nail clipping techniques can also help prevent common issues like hangnails and ingrown toenails.

What causes ingrown toenails?

There are multiple reasons as to why ingrown toenails may develop. Sometimes they develop because the nail is too large for the toe, trauma such as a stubbed or stepped on toe, or most common because of tight shoe wear or improper grooming and trimming of the nail.

What is common nail treatment for psoriasis?

Treatment can help clear nail psoriasis and reduce pain. There are treatments you can apply to the nails including a potent or very potent corticosteroid, Calcipotriol, or Tazarotene. If you are in need of a stronger treatment, you may be recommended to get injections of corticosteroids or another psoriasis medicine into or near your nail, laser treatment, PUVA, or medication that works throughout your body to treat both skin and nails.

What is common nail treatment for fungus?

The most common treatment for a fungal nail infection is a prescription antifungal pill taken by mouth. In severe cases, a doctor might remove the nail.

Foot and Ankle Checks

The condition of your feet says a lot about your overall health and often alerts you or your doctor to signs of circulatory disorders, diabetes, arthritis or other diseases.

If any issues are found during your Healthy Happy Foot Care appointment, we can refer you to one of our orthopaedic surgeons for further care.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or would like to learn more about the orthopaedic services we offer, please fill out the contact form below, or give us a call at (218) 263-3880 Hibbing or (218) 722-5513 Duluth. We will get back to you promptly.


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