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My whole experience for a total knee replacement was so very positive, from my initial appointment with Dr. Rother, the Rainy Lake Medical Center that enabled me to have this procedure at home, no travel! Follow up appointment with his associate, and the end of the month again with Dr. Rother. Thank you Orthopaedic Associates for the traveling and skill you bring to our community.



I have had ankle and shoulder surgery with Dr. Zamzow and he is the best orthopedic doctor anyone could have. His compassion and caring is outstanding. Just recently went to Dani in the therapy department after surgery and she was excellent and helped me greatly with her expertise. I would not hesitate to recommend the doctors or staff to anyone.



I broke my femur and dislocated my knee my freshman year of high school. Dr. Momont went in and repaired my knee and femur. With the job he did and the rehab after, I was able to play 3 sports the next 3 years of highschool. I was even able to play 2 years of college baseball on scholarship. Thank you Dr. Momont!



I saw Dr. Patrick Hall a couple weeks ago and was very pleased. He seems concerned and is very easy to talk to. I've always had a good rapport with your doctors.



I was so skeptical about surgery for the plantar fasciitis that I've dealt with for almost 2 years. Sometimes it goes away on its own, but I couldn't live with the pain and function normally any more. My biggest thanks to Jesus Christ for His healing hands and Dr. Ryan Reinking for his confidence and expertise. I felt like I was in the most trustworthy hands.

Today, I am 2 weeks post-op and completely free of the pain that was disabling me. I do have sugucal and incision pain which is minimal, but I feel like I have my life back. I don't think Dr. Reinking has a clue what impact this has on the rest of my life.



Gary Andrews has been wonderful to my dad. He has shown great compassion and patience working with my dad throughout the years and now during his knee replacement. Thanks Gary!!



About 8 weeks ago I suffered a broken ankle and broken tibia. Dr. Hendricks was my surgeon at St. Luke's and I continue to follow up with him. He has taken the time each and every time I visit to explain what's happening, the healing process, why to wait and how long to wait before I can be "normal" again. He is the kindest doctor and I would be lost without someone like him during this ordeal. Your expertise and professionalism and your extreme kindness and that of all your staff, and your assistant, Laura, is overwhelming. Thank you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I just wanted to mention how pleased I was with the whole knee replacement process I experienced earlier this year with Dr. Momont and staff. The rehab and PT process with Kim was simply amazing. She was knowledgeable, personable, encouraging and patiently answered seemingly hundreds of questions during the whole process. Thanks again for all of it. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


A few years ago my daughter broke her wrist in several places, it was iffy if it would ever be normal again. Dr. Peter Goldschmidt, MD did an excellent job of mending the bones, and she has full use of her wrist.


Dr. Peter G. Goldschmidt fixed my broken finger and did a good job. I am glad I found him right on time. He helped me so much and I love him for that. I recommend Dr. Goldschmidt 100%.



October 29th 2014 was life changing ... at 49, and severe degenerative OA in both knees. Doctors Goldschmidt and Zamzow replaced both of my knees, and one month later I can still say it was the best decision of my life! Teamwork at it's finest! And, as many times as I've been asked ... YES, I would do it again! Thank you for giving me my life back! I am so very grateful and thankful to you and your Hermantown therapy department!

Sandra Willis

I am ever so thankful to Dr. Peter Goldschmidt for doing two successful surgeries on both my thumbs – basilar thumb surgery. He explained the surgery beautifully so that anyone could understand. He is down to earth and is very easy to talk to, which is very important for a patient/doctor relationship. And, answers all questions! I rate him 5 stars!

Peggy Fabish

I had an Anterior Total Hip Replacement on 1/17/2014. Dr. Rother has given me my life back. I have no more pain and my limp is gone. I am so happy I chose him to perform my surgery. He has a kind and gentle manner and is an excellent skilled surgeon. Thank you again Dr. Rother.


I had a shoulder manipulation done in November of 2008. The procedure went very well and I would highly recommend the Orthopaedic Associates and Lakewalk surgery center.

Joseph Jagunich

Dr. Rother successfully replaced my arthritic hip on 12/2/09 with the minimally-invasive Zimmer 2-Incision procedure. I am greatly impressed with Dr. Rother's surgical skills, as well as his bedside manner and follow-up. I'm totally pain-free!

Donna Hill

I had a total right hip replacement done by Dr. Schnell on 3-2-10 and have been completely satisfied with the experience start to finish. Thanks, Dr. Schnell, for giving me my life back!

Denis Holman

At the risk of sounding accident prone, I have seen Dr. Robin W. Hendricks on 4 different occasions. He repaired my MCL, ACL, PCL and AC shoulder separation. Each time I knew I was in excellent hands and healed quickly. I highly recommend Orthopaedic Associates because of their outstanding level of care and professionalism.

Dawn Terwey

I am very pleased with Dr. Rother's surgical skills, and bedside manners as well. His professionalism is incredible. His way of getting rid of the pressure and pain is "WOW"!! I would recommend anyone to see him.

William E. Tolrud

Dr. Hall did an excellent job on fixing my fractured Femur after I fell. To get the alignment fixed and stabilized required a technical mind and a steady hand. I wish to thank him and the staff for doing such a great job.


Dr Schnell – can't say enough about how great this guy is. Professional, personable, knowledgeable, skilled. He takes time to talk and figure out what is what and what needs to be done, then takes care of it. Awesome experience, even in these times.

Juanita Whitebird

I have received medical care through different physicians at Orthopaedic Associates. The advice and treatment have been the highest quality. I have utmost faith in their medical knowledge, treatment and surgery skills. The excellent patient care received by doctors and staff is of high quality. I could only wish all medical facilities could match that of Orthopaedic Associates. My heartfelt thanks to all who have ever given care to me.