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Many musculoskeletal injuries require a look inside your body. In orthopaedics, our two workhorse imaging techniques are X-ray and MRI. For your convenience, we offer both of these services in our main office. If you should need an imaging study, we don't have to set up another appointment at a different facility—we just walk down the hall.


X-ray is a technique for creating an image of the inside of your body. X-ray images are especially good at showing dense structures, such as bone. These pictures help our physicians clarify and confirm their diagnoses. We offer X-ray services right in our office.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a safe, totally painless way for your physician to look into your body. The pictures created during the exam look at the soft tissue and provide information that can improve the diagnosis. We offer the convenience of in-office extremity MRI.