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Occupational & Physical Therapy

When it hurts to move, turn to Orthopaedic Associates of Duluth to help get you back to your full range of living. Whether you are an adult or an athlete who needs therapy after an injury or surgery, the team of physical and occupational therapists at Orthopaedic Associates can work with you. Together, we will get you back in the game, enjoying a mobile, independent lifestyle…without pain.

Depending on each patient's case, therapy can be utilized on its own with non-surgical options and interventions or as part of a total treatment plan that includes surgery. Therapy can be used to prevent injury as well. Whether you are in need of post-surgical therapy or are suffering from a sport, work-related or repetition injury, we can work with you to customize your treatment plan from start to finish.

With two great offices to serve your therapy needs, you may choose to work with our main office in Duluth or our therapy office in Hermantown, taking full advantage of our spacious fitness gym and our sport specific programs.

Physical Therapy

Whether it’s treatment for a sports injury or general ailment, post-surgery or preventative rehabilitation, our physical therapists are trained in the latest techniques to help patients improve body strength, function and mobility and return to an active, independent lifestyle.

We offer one-on-one sessions, total joint post-op care and several specialized therapy programs including:

  • Sportsmetrics ACL prevention and return to sport program
  • Running assessments and custom running programs
  • Return to sport testing

Occupational Therapy

Available in-house, our experienced occupational therapy team works with patients to improve range of motion and promote faster healing. We specialize in upper extremity treatments for hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders, providing individualized treatment plans for each patient. A certified hand therapist customizes wrist and hand orthotics and assesses shoulder to hand injuries as well.