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We encourage you to search for videos of the physical therapy techniques that you were prescribed – or simply explore the videos for conservative care techniques to practice at home!

Please know that these videos are not designed to cure any injury, illness, or disease, but rather serve as a home care resource for patients and guests.


Phase I:

heel slide

Heel Slide

quad set

Quad Set

glut set

Glut Set

short arc quad set

Short Arc Quad Set

supine hip abduction

Supine Hip Abduction

straight leg raise

Straight Leg Raise


Phase II:

heel toe raise

Heel Toe Raise

marching in place

Marching In Place

standing hip abduction

Standing Hip Abduction

standing hip extension

Standing Hip Extension

seated long arc quad set

Seated Long Arc Quad Set

single leg balance

Single Leg Balance


Phase III:

forward step up

Forward Step Up

lateral step up

Lateral Step Up

forward step down

Forward Step Down

sit to stand

Sit To Stand



mini squat

Mini Squat